Welcome to Authentic Christmas where we bring Christ back into the center of the Season.

       Let the LORD be high and lifted up for an . . .
                  Authentic Christmas
You can make a choice today to make this your best Christmas ever!

While the world focuses on how to get "more stuff" for less . . . you can make a heartfelt decision to discover the greatest joys of this Season!

While gift-giving is a wonderful part of Christmas, it pales in comparision to the amazing gift that God gave us when He sent Jesus to the earth! The gift of love, life and joy entered this world more than 2000 years ago and changed everything!

As you experience these next several weeks, can you turn your eyes away from all the "stuff" and instead focus your thoughts, goals, attitudes and activities on Jesus!

Can you be more loving? More joyful? More patient? More charitable?

It is in these ways that you will find the amazing and powerful gift that loving and caring for others can bring!

Let this be an Authentic Christmas where Jesus is lifted up and you are changee and change others with His love.

It's All About Jesus! is a newly revised eBook written especially for men and women who want Christ to be the center of this Holiday (Holy Days) Season!

Learn how you can enter into a time of joyful preparation, meaningful gift-giving, inspiring activities and leave all the stress, anxiety and consumerism behind!

As followers of Jesus we are in this world but not of it. Experience a Christ-centered season that will strengthen your faith, honor our Lord and minister to those you love as you celebrate the life-changing birth of the Son of God.

Available for immediate download. Just $8.95 for the eBook and Workbook.

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 It's All About Jesus
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What Really Matters?

As you move into this holiday season, ask yourself the question, "What about Christmas really matters to me?"

What experienced do you desire this year? Who do your want to bless? What gifts do you have in your heart that you can share with others?

Take some time and make some quality decisions about what you really want this Christmas . . . and discover for yourself what really matters.